Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Our Flood

floodClick for 256kb image

Excuse the mess but we were having a flood rolleyes.

I am not going to bombard SnapShots with flood photos but thought I would share these two with you. The filthy water under my veranda ended up one centimetre below my door threshold before it started to recede away so that was a lucky escape. My sons home did have two rooms with water damage that came through the roof with repairs having to be made to wiring and removal of floor covering. This photo was taken looking towards my sons home. There is still a lot of cleaning up to do although the urgent items have been done.

flooded creekClick for 603kb image

This snapshot is of a creek that run past the farmyard. We have never seen the water so high in this creek although have heard that there was a similar flood in the early forties before the farm was purchased by the Borgas family.

The water has receded a 'lot' in this photo and it was at this point I took my camera and snapped away. I just loved the colours in this shot and wanted to share it with you.

I am a new grandmother as of yesterday morning. Not bad.... A flood, son married and a grand-daughter over a period of eight days.razz

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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Hot off the Press, Thunderstorm

thunderstormClick for a 272kb image

I am quickly going to post this before I lose my power here. Thanks goodness I do have backup batteries for my PC for occasions like this to give me time to shut the computer down.

Anyway this photo I have just taken West of my home. My husband has just came inside saying there has been large pieces of hail falling on top of his workshop shed. He is a busy man making up some frames for me for recent sales so hope he didn't slip off the mat with the cutter. Gosh I can now hear hail on the roof of the house... gee they are making a lot of noise. Gee it sounds like someone is throwing stones on our roof. Gee once more, is is now very scary!!!

I will be back with an update with this. I took a quick look and some of the hail is approximately one inch across and coming right in under the veranda hitting the wall. I don't hold any hope for our crops. sad

Update: Well that is life, we ended up with a flood and yes we had crop damage as well as fences washed away. Water was lapping the threshold of our back door and can be thankful that the water receded before it forced its way past the door. I will post photos as soon as possible.

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