Thursday, 15 February 2007

Kissing in the Rain

Well these two are enjoying a cuddle in the rain with a kiss on the cheek from him!

Being farmers, rain is an exciting time for us. The land has been parched for so long over the past few years that it is a wonderful time.

There was light East and West of the homestead here. The photo shot from my veranda to my sons home is looking South.

This one is to the East which can be seen from my studio window. If you look carefully you can see the rainbow.

As quickly as I am writing this the sun is setting.

Good night my friends, peace!

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Bart said...

Cute statue!

Fascinating to see the colour of the trees on the yard. A glowing kind of orange red or so. Always interesting to see some pictures of the landscape people are painting. You have colours around you that I don't know from my place.

Susan Borgas said...

It was that glow that had me rushing for my camera Bart..... I just wished I was able to capture the intensity of it at the time.