Monday, 10 September 2007

Here is looking at you!

EmuClick for 463kb image

Hello everyone! razz

I am back from my three week holiday in Central Australia with photos to share with you. As you can imagine I have a lot to do over the next week to make up for the time I was away. In a weeks time I will be heading to Wilpena Pound for three weeks demonstrating painting at a major art exhibition that I am involved with.

I hope you like this photo of the emu that I managed to get while away up North.

eyeClick for 207kb image

Look at the close up of the eye and you can see yours truly taking the photo. wink

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Bart said...

Hi Susan, welcome back!

What a perfect reflection in the eye, great! Good you noticed it.

Susan Borgas said...

Hi Bart. Good to see you are posting again as well. :)

With the eye, what made me look closer was the blue reflection in the eye of the emu. The skies in Central Australia are so vibrant that you think that there is no varied values from high up down to the horizon line. Of course it does vary but not as noticeable as it is in the Southern area that I live.