Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Birds, sunsets and seascape

Click for 318 image of a Seagull

Well I didn't see Easter Bunny but this bird tended to make a nuisance of itself when I was trying to take a seascape photo. I walked to the left and it did the same as well as moving to the right, the gull followed, but of cause it had to stand between me and the photo I wanted to take.

Click for 281kb image of Sunset at Port Broughton

There is usually a good sunset at Easter time at Port Broughton and this year was no exception.

Click for 497kb image of Port Broughton Seascape

I wouldn't say Port Broughton has a beautiful beach but at the same time it is an interesting one. I stitched three photos together in an attempt to give you a general idea of what the coastline looks like that is neighbouring the edge of the caravan park that my husband and I were staying at.

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Mick Moore said...

Nice photo of the sunset Sue, perhaps I should have put my glass of red down and wondered over to the beach and had a look at it myself.

Susan Borgas said...

Ah but just think, there is always next year! ;-D