Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Sherrard Falls, New South Wales

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Waterfall Way in the Dorrigo Mountains in New South Wales was a real eye opener for me because I have never seen a rain forest before. It was like being in a different country and now fully understand how diverse Australia is with its landscape and I have so much more to experience, as this is only early days with more traveling yet as time permits.

With Malcolm's uncle and aunt as tour guides we had lunch at the Sherrard Falls, that rushes underneath the road with a constant roar. It is a magical place with winding roads with sheer drops that were mostly covered with dense tall straight trees, shrubbery and the most beautiful ferns that I have ever seen. As I don't like heights that might have been just as well that I couldn't always see the drop beside the road although I did have the attitude that this opportunity to see a glorious area such as Waterfall Way, my fear of heights was kept firmly to the back of my mind. Um though there is another time later in this holiday that I wasn't so successful.....then that is another story for later.

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The forest was so green that a damp tree trunk such as this very warm colour jumped right out from the surrounding area. I actually thought of painting this one but is is so different to the area that I live in that I knew I would have difficulty in selling it. I still may paint this scene at a later time, just for me!!!

The next lot of photos will be of Coffs Harbour with photos completely different to what I have shown so far on this New South Wales holiday trip.

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Mick Moore said...

The tree in the bottom photo almost looks as if it was added on the computer, it is a real stand out.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Mick.....that tree trunk is a lovely complimentary colour to the surrounding area and because of it was the reason that attracted me to take the photo.

Bart said...

It would be a true challenge to try to paint it as scenes that have extraordinary elements tend to produce paintings that look exaggerated. But with some practice and maybe a hint of red somewhere else...

Susan Borgas said...

Yes I know what you mean Bart. Even a scraping of pinks on the side of some of the tree trunks will help tie it together.