Thursday, 15 November 2007

Gorgeous little Dog - Papillon

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For two weeks I have had the pleasure of looking after this little dog, which is a Papillon breed. Her name is Ella and she is a little over twelve months old and belongs to my son and his new wife, who arrived home yesterday from their honeymoon.

Ella has a wonderful personality and a quick learner when it comes to tricks. Some tricks that she will do by command are sneeze, roll over, sit, and high five. She has very good manners. Simple things like not taking her food until she is told she can and also sits and waits to be told she can pass through an exterior door to come indoors. Gives you time to wipe any muddy paws if need be. wink

papillonClick for 645kb image

This closeup will give you a good look of her sweet face. Her markings for a papillon are not perfect but that makes no difference to those that love her and even though she only lives a hop step and jump away, I will miss the day to day company of this gorgeous little girl.

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Lucky-1 said...

Maybe you could have Ella sleep over with you on a fortnightly basis;P

She's a lovely little dog, very cute.

Susan Borgas said...

Yes she is lovely! :D