Tuesday, 27 November 2007

White Crab Spider or Flower Spider

white crab spiderClick for 357kb image

Well nothing like researching creepy images so that I can nail the species for this white spider which is Diaea. The common name is White Crab Spider or if you prefer Flower Spider. Man am I going to be having nightmares tonight after viewing so many different species of spiders! eek

I managed this snap yesterday with my new Sigma 150mm F2,8 APO MACRO lens that turned up in the mail and just had to try the lens out straight away. I was amused to see the spider sitting back on the same flower mid afternoon today waiting for his prey once more.

It is going to take time to learn how to get the best shots with the bulk of the subject in focus but hey it is going to be fun learning and have to admit my new toy has put a spring in my step. Tell you what though, taking macro shots of bugs waving in the breeze on foliage is a good way to get motion sickness . I kid you not! Think in future I will take snaps on calm days.rolleyes

I would be interested if anyone else has this motion sickness dilemma when getting close and personal with their subjects waving in the breeze? Also I found any small movement with the camera is also exaggerated when looking through the viewfinder. A tripod is one way to overcome this but not always ideal for chasing bugs.

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