Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Gum blossoms & macro flower

The garden has freshened up after 82 points of rain that the heavens decided to bestow on us recently and is lovely after such a long dry spell. My garden does lack flowers other than the odd one that decides to burst open.
The farmyard has many native Eucalyptus gum trees that surround the two houses and sheds on the property. It helps keep the wind down though with age the bottoms of the trees are thinning out allowing a lot more blustery weather to whip around the garden.

Tomorrow I will post an old gum tree with its twists and turns that I painted many years ago and was the beginning of my love affair trying to perfect a way to paint them. Until then I hope you enjoy these two photos today.

Steal it!

Steel it!........take note of the ants crawling over the blossoms

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