Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Launching "SnapShots"

Drum roll please!!! This is the first post for my new blog called Snapshots. As if I need another blog but hey I take many photos so why not share some of them with you. Did I say share? I certainly did and they are free! Reckon most people or should that be all people love to get something for free. Well Snapshots is all about copyright free photos taken by yours truly.

SnapShots will suit artist that are looking for reference material to paint, especially of the Australian Landscape. I encourage you to tell your friends about Snapshots so that they also may benefit from my free photos.

Regular visitors to Arts & Stuff and Little Paintings blogspot will find SnapShots very different. SnapShots will have more advertisements than my art related blogs because basically I am giving away something for free and classified ads will hopefully in the long run offer something back to the blog.

I am very excited about SnapShots as it will provide me the opportunity to share photos taken by my new SLR Nikon D80. I wasn’t going to buy this camera for another twelve months but I was lucky enough to have a daughter that also wanted the digital SLR Nikon D80 for Christmas. Buying two cameras together at the same store has a lot of bargaining power and because of this we decided not to wait until the price came down as the price we paid was much better than what has been advertised on the internet. Also thank you to those who purchase my paintings to make it possible for me to afford upgrading my camera equipment because it is an important tool for my work. You can read all about the SLR Nikon D80 at Digital Photography Review. I couldn't find a copyright free image of the Nikon D80 and ended up making my own. If any of you have been trying to find an image please steal this one if it is to your liking :)

Don’t expect professional quality photos because the person behind the camera is a novice photographer even if she has taken many photos. Providing photos for SnapShots will have this amateur thinking a lot more about the creative side of photography and it is hope that you enjoy the journey along with me.

My husband and I walk 5.6 kilometres most nights and while I was busy practicing using the Nikon D80 he was looking back from where we had come. It is a sure bet he was also thinking about the drought that the area is experiencing.

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Bart said...

Looks good Susan!
Good luck with this new blog. I know the feeling of wanting to do something with all the pictures one takes in connection with painting and drawing. This is an excellent idea.

It says in the license "non derivative works". That is perhaps a little difficult to interpret when painting from your pictures. It can of course become a painting based upon your pictures.
Or am I too strict again? :-)

Susan Borgas said...

Bart thanks for visiting and I am glad you like the idea.

I just added a bit more to the "Sticky Note" at the top that may help make it a bit clearer that artist may use the images as they want when it comes painting with wet and dry mediums by their own hands. I really do want artist to feel comfortable using them and know that they can without any fear of me coming after them with legal stuff.

Katherine said...

Well done Susan - ace idea and a very snappy little title! ;)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Katherine! Glad you like the idea and yes the title is rather snappy....chuckle