Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Back from the bush!

G'day I am home!!!

As much as I would have liked to update SnapShots while on the road it just wasn't going to happen. In two weeks we traveled over four and a half thousand miles and visited a lot of places and have to admit to being Bushed by the time Malcolm and I made our way back to the caravan that we were towing. As this is the internet where caravan has different meanings , the first snapshot will help explain what I am talking about. That photo was taken of our first night at Broken Hill.

Steal a 576kb snapshot

Our second day on the road; this photo was taken at a rest area twenty one kilometers East of Wilcannia. The country side was constantly changing and if we stopped for photos to catch the different scenery, we would need more time away than our two weeks that had been allowed for this trip.

More photos are yet to come of our trip.

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Bart said...

Welcome back Susan!

Haha.. wow.. that would be me in that little tent behind the car... not sure if I would feel like needing a caravan with such a great car :-)

Very attractive red soil in the landscape picture...

Susan Borgas said...

chuckle..... you might need more than your bike to tow the caravan Bart!

You will see more red soil but also a few other surprises as well as more photos are posted. :D

Bart said...

Lol! Yes, true... downhill will be fine, but up....

Looking forward to the rest of the pictures!