Saturday, 31 March 2007

Copeton Dam, New South Wales

Click and steal a 446kb snapshot

The main reason for our trip interstate was to visit Malcolm's uncle and aunty. For the next few days we did just that although in no way did we stay idle. People that have lived in a region for a large number of years make the best guides to show their visitors what is on offer. Copeton Dam was one of these places that we visited while staying with our wonderful hosts and both Malcolm and I thank you for your hospitality and what you did for us.

Although Copeton Dam is extremely low with what capacity it will hold, it was a pleasure to see. I stitched two photos together to help show of this little oasis. One day I would like to see this area full to capacity with water.

I am going to organise another photo yet of this dam so stay tuned for it.

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