Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Chambers Gorge - last photos

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It is getting late and while Malcolm waits patiently in the Patrol I happily snap away to get some more photos as I know it will be quite some time before we visit this area again.

It wasn't until after I posted the first photo of this area to SnapShots that I regretted not starting from the very beginning of the trip by way of telling a story for the whole day. It is something for me to remember to do in future.

This last photo of the sun setting over Wilpena Pound was taken to close our daylight hours to a very big day on the road. This was the only stop that we made as the later the day became the more kangaroos we had to avoid hitting as they came out to feed. It was quite a relief to get back to Wilpena Pound caravan and camp grounds where we were staying at the time I was artist in residence.

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