Thursday, 18 January 2007

Days End

This photo was chosen for todays post as I felt it was appropriate to the sun setting on my last entry to this blog for the next couple of weeks. In saying this there is a possibility of an occasional post if the Internet Cafe in the area that I am holidaying in is available.

Now getting back to this sunset, the snapshot wasn't taken today as we have had glorious rain all day. With the drought that Australia has been experiencing, our farm included it is a wonderful time. The sunset snapshot was taken on one of my earlier walks on the farm.

So there you have it, no more walks on the farm for the next two weeks though that doesn't mean I won't be walking at all. The scenery will be very different though with the sun setting over the sea instead while feeling the moist sand between my toes on the beach. Cheers my friends! winkmrgreen

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John Wesley said...

Great shot. I'm expecting tons of great photos from the beach!

Susan Borgas said...

John I am making sure I take photos everyday so that I have plenty to share.