Monday, 1 January 2007

Sunset and Happy New Year!

Looking back over my shoulder on one of my recent evening walks, this is the sunset that I saw. It makes one feel good to be alive to see these magical moments when the last of sun’s rays is warming the clouds with its delightful colours.

Happy New Year to you all for today is the first of January 2007 in Aussie Land!

Steal it!

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Bart said...

Wow..... special indeed!

Uhm... as a painter... can you give a hint on how accurate the colours are compared to "real"? I mean, your equipment is probably good, but does that mean it produces more accurate colours?
I know for example my not sooo expensive camera is very font of blue, making blue more intense everywhere.

Susan Borgas said...

Bart the Nikon D80 warms up the images although I feel does not go over the top. When looking at the sunset photo at first I think "yes that is an exact representation of what I saw" Then I look some more and I know the darks of the clouds are slightly warmer to what it really was when I took the snapshot. I wasn't using any filters at the time.

When I take photos of my paintings, I always edit the colours to match my paintings on a freshly calibrated monitor. As you would know that monitors vary and what I see, you may see differently. It is a risk that a purchaser of a painting takes when buying a painting online, colour may vary to what he or she sees.