Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Hello there!!!

After finding out that snapshots could not be uploaded to my blog via the Internet Café when signing into the caravan park at Moonta Bay they told me that the Community Library does supply the internet to anyone that cares to use it. As I am on holidays I chose not to continue daily to contribute to my blogs but rather show an occasional post so that you know I have not forgotten you.

The day before my husband and I left home we had good rains. With the water draining off the rubble roads enough for us to travel with a caravan hooked up behind us we headed off for our holiday destination. Because we knew there was still rough weather to come it was decided to hold off putting our annex up until it had passed. The first night wasn’t too bad but gee the second night the wind certainly belted the tents and caravans around in the holiday park.

By the third night the sea was like glass. The storms have passed bringing much needed rain in some parts of Australia though for many, still not breaking the drought that seems to have a strangle hold in numerous parts of this country.

I do hope you enjoy this sample of snapshots with the first three showing the first three evenings of my holiday. Of cause the seagulls are not slow in posing for their photo to be taken as well.

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Bart said...

Hi Susan!
What a sharp picture of the gull, great!
The eye and the feathers are fantastic.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Bart! I have quite a few photos of birds while on holidays, which will be posted over the coming weeks.