Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part thirteen"

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If you have been following this Gawler Ranges trip you will then realise that this is our second camp for the two nights that this little traveling party made.

After a long day on the road, an area was spotted to make camp not all that far off the main Kingoonya to Glendambo road. By the time we had our tents up and a fire going to cook our meal the night air was quickly cooling down.

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The landscape is truly beautiful in this area as the sun goes down with warm light streaking across the flat plains.

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The next morning as the sky awakens I can hear birds going about their business and cheering with chatter and song; a celebration of a new day for all living things.

Yes a new day where this traveling party must break camp and move on and head down the road towards home but first there is more to see before this journey is completed. I do hope you come back to see what this day had on offer.

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Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

now this tree one is super

Susan Borgas said...

I think it is my favourite of the whole trip Lloyd.