Monday, 2 July 2007

South Australias floral emblem; the Sturt's Desert Pea

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Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part twelve"

I have titled this post differently from my past Gawler Ranges Trip entry because I really did want to bring attention to this Sturt's Desert Pea flower, Swainsona formosa.

The first image gives an indication of how these plants grow. At the time this photo was taken these specimens were very healthy in the early stages of flowering. I would have loved to had been there a week later as I can image a carpet of red would have covered this area. As it was I was nearly breaking my neck to get out of the 4WD before it stopped to investigate these little beauties.

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The Sturt's Desert Pea plant is not prickly but there were certainly plenty of vegetation that sank their thorns into my skin when down on hands and knees trying to get that perfect shot.

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There is more that you can read about these plants by clicking here and here.

I do hope you enjoy viewing this native plant of Australia. It is a favourite of mine; one that I have wanted to paint for a very long time. Now that I have images to work from this will happen in the very near future and will be posted on my Arts and Stuff blog, as a Work in Progress that you can follow along with me.

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Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Now u make me paint flowers
The color!

Susan Borgas said...

It is good that I have inspired you Lloyd. A good opportunity to use hot colours on your palette. ;-D

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

thanj for the great photos
keep cheery

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Let me know when you start this new series for i am waiting with baited breath

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I like the picture with the truck then with the others i get the feel of the range my sight is very limited so when i zoom i get the images

Susan Borgas said...

I will be heading off into Central Australia in a few weeks time and when I get home there will be many posts here at SnapShots of that trip. Until then I will still be posting regularly so please drop back.