Friday, 27 July 2007

What is it?

How good are you at identifying a portion of a photo?

Do you know what this image is?

I know what it is and will post the full image tomorrow but lets see how good you are.

Tells us what you think it is by leaving a comment. Your friends are welcome to have a go as well. biggrin

Hint: It grows

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Renae said...

My guess: a native flower, perhaps a banksia.

Bart said...

Difficult.... a (under)water plant?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm centre of a flower like...protea, warratah? Something like that?

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks to you all for playing and I tell you what I can see why you all would think of these suggestions.

I should play fairer and chosen something a bit easier but did really want to get you all thinking.

The answer is a sunflower and I am now about to post the full image. :D

Anonymous said...

oh well, at least I got centre of flower LOL :D Sunflower, doh! It seems obvious now you know doesn't it?!