Saturday, 28 July 2007


sunflowerClick for 751kb image

For those that participated in the last post, here is the full version of that image. Probably if the seeds were more developed it would have given you more information and the plot away. wink

I do hope you enjoy this image and perhaps for the flower painter it might be worth considering.

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Bart said...

:-) I did consider the inner part of a flower but couldn't figure out what the brownish things in the background were in the detail picture. Hence my option for something else. Detail pictures can give wonderful colours and shapes.

Susan Borgas said...

The cut out section of the previous post didn't have pixels shrunk and found some of the shapes interesting. That is when the idea popped into my head to do something a little different and see if anyone would be able to guess that segment of the image. One day I will play this game again in a post just to see what sort of reaction easier one next time ;)