Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Butterfly on Yellow Daisy

Click & steal butterfly on yellow daisy 299kb snapshot

Not owning a macro lens for my DSLR D80 Camera I have to make do with the lenses that I have. This will be remedied when I have the cash to spare…. It will be awhile yet!

This image was cut from a poster size snapshot and all things considered it turn out reasonably good. These butterflies are small with a huge volume flying around my head when trying to capture one that would stay still long enough. When the light caught the varied blue and purple on their body, it actually glowed as if iridescent. A great compliment to the more warm dusty colour of their wings.

I have another of these to post tomorrow from a different angle. It will also show that the amount of colour does vary on these little butterflies. Maybe that is due to their age or perhaps the gender?

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