Monday, 28 May 2007

Hanging Rock Lookout

Click and steal 603kb snapshot from Hanging Rock Lookout

This entry carries on from the last two posts because our next destination is a lookout called Hanging Rock, which was our main destination for that particular drive.

Some of you may remember that I do not appreciate heights. To get to Hanging Rock Lookout in New South Wales was the worse feeling I had towards this fear of heights although the more I did of this sort of thing the less apprehension I tend to feel.

In this snapshot you can see the road we travelled on although once reaching the lookout turnoff it was no more than a rubble goat track around the side of the mountain. Thankfully there was no travelers coming from the opposite direction as the road was very narrow.

One thing I have learnt from this experience is to sit on the side of the vehicle that is closest to the edge of the road. This way you are aware that the drop is further away than it looks when sitting on the opposite side because I could only see open distances with the feeling that the edge is much nearer than reality. When coming down the mountain I didn’t feel so panicky, as I could see the edge of the road.

Would I go back up to this lookout again; in a word “yes”! lol

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