Monday, 14 May 2007

Old Cow Shed

click and steal 694kb snapshot

This snapshot was taken back in January 2007 on the family farm. The building was used for sheltering cattle that are no longer a part of our farm for a large number of years now.

As you can see the old building has decayed badly and very little of the straw roof remaining. Malcolm did recycle some of the stones from the fallout for our garden, which is nice because I feel that I have some of the farm history incorporated into my garden.

The low golden sunlight on the wall was something that always caught my eye when walking in the evening and thought to myself; hey why not share it with you all!

One last little thing that you maybe interested in, I was tagged to tell stories about myself. If you would like to know more just head over to my other blog and read this post. Cheers!

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Nithya Swaminathan said...

Great snap Susan, I think I will paint it:) the shed has a lot of character, and nice textures.

You have an awesome collection of photos. Came here blog hopping from wetcanvas.

Susan Borgas said...

You are welcome to come hopping over to my blog anytime! :D

Another photo coming soon.... hopefully tomorrow!