Friday, 25 May 2007

Chaffey Dam "two"

Click and steal 363kb snapshot of Chaffey Dam

This view was captured from the opposite side of Chaffey Dam to yesterdays snapshot that was posted. As you can see the light looks very different with an overall darker appearance and some loss of bright colour. Still though a very peaceful scene and would have loved to have been able to stay on the banks of this dam with out caravan while holiday in New South Wales.

Actually way over in the distance in the left of this photo, there is a bush caravan park. My husband and I didn't investigate the park therefore can't say what the conditions are like but can certainly say the surroundings are the ultimate relaxing holiday you could have. There is also fish in this dam if you are into some light recreation.

The next post will be still about this days drive so watch out for that one. biggrin

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