Thursday, 24 May 2007

Chaffey Dam

Click & steal a 305kb snapshot of Chaffey Dam

For those that have
only just found my SnapShots blog there is a series of photos of my holiday with my husband in New South Wales of Australia. If you click on the 'NSW holiday' at the base of this blog entry you will see all my post about this holiday.

Chaffey Dam was a pleasant place to visit when we left the Tamworth caravan park to do a day of touring around.

The purpose of this dam is for regulation of the natural flow of the Peel River to meet irrigation, stock and domestic requirements in the Peel River Valley. This dam also supplies water to Tamworth.

Some technical details:
Storage Capacity - 62,000 megalitres
Max. water depth - 30 metres
Max width of base - 195 metres
Length of crest - 430 metres
Height - 54 metres
Area submerged - 600 hectares
Catchment area - 42,000 hectares

This was not the largest dam that we saw but do feel the surrounding areas were the most beautiful. There will be another follow up photos so look out for that one.

After a full day on the road and feeling very pleasantly tired that glass of red wine was most enjoyable when we arrived back at the Tamworth caravan park. wink

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