Saturday, 5 May 2007

Hot off the Press!

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As a farmers wife, one of my jobs is a taxi driver for the men when moving farm machinery from one area on the farm to the next. As it is a dewy morning I grabbed my camera knowing that there would be light bouncing back up off the dampness with the possibility of good colours.

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This is the paddock that my husband Malcolm and our son Shaun will be sowing today. Because the drought last season did not produce well, the men are direct drilling the seed straight into the ground. This will save unnecessary stress on the soil plus save cost to us as farmers. The paddock was sprayed yesterday to kill the weeds to make sure they do not survive and compete with this seasons crop.

Click to steal 531kb farm machinery snapshot

Looking into a different direction you can see this part of the paddock is very green. Malcolm is filling up the combine ready for Shaun to sow the paddock. While dad is busy doing his job, Shaun is busy checking out the machinery to make sure everything is in order for the days job.

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Bart said...

I haven't even got a balcony.... :-/

Susan Borgas said...

Oh dear and I have another teaser posted today Bart!