Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part two"

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This catchment of water on Siam Station is known as Government Dam. During the summer it wasn't uncommon for us kids to swim in this dam with a blown up tyre tube to keep afloat and yes there was adult supervision around at the time. I still remember the slime on the edge of the dam squishing through my toes. I now cringe at the thought of that goo wondering what was in it. eek

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This little dam is what is called the 'Catch Hole' that feeds the water from the landscape into the main Government Dam. As you can imagine this water is the 'blood' for the station country because without it, the sheep and cattle will not survive and that includes a vast reduction in native and feral animals, as they will only have what nature provides them; which in this part of the country is minimal.

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Moving on from from the previous catchment we come to what is called the Two Mile Dam. Don't worry my posts are not going to be all about dams but did want to make you aware of the importance of them "out bush", especially for those that are not familiar with the Australian landscape.

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