Friday, 15 June 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part four"

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Yesterdays post was about the inside of this shearing shed and now it is time to show you what the building and surrounding area is like.

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If you are wondering what the tall pole is used for at the right of the shearing shed, its purpose is to hoist bales of wool onto the back of trucks.

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Accommodation and a cook is provided for the shearing and Rouseabout team. The 'smoko' is delivered to the shearing shed by the cooks 'helper' morning and afternoon. The team would return to the building on the right of this image for three meals per day. The building to the far left is the sleeping quarters for the workers. behind the kitchen and dining room (building on the right) there is an amenities block. The small shed to the front is the engine room for the power supply for all the buildings.

Some of you may have heard of Henry Lawson. He wrote "The Boss's Boots"; which has a number of humorous verses about working in a shearing shed. biggrin

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