Saturday, 16 June 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part five"

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Still traveling on Siam Station, it was time for a morning cuppa and when out bush the best way to do this is start a fire and put the stainless steel kettle on, which my brother had packed for this trip. As you can see from the blackened kettle it has been used on a number of occasions in the past. We didn't have billy tea this trip as we all were wanting coffee. If you ever get the chance to try billy tea, do so because it is a very nice way to drink tea. I do cringe though after the tea leaves have been dropped in the boiling water and then the billy swung around at the end of an arm like a windmill gone crazy so that the solid matter drops to the bottom of the container. Never seen anyone burnt 'yet' so who needs a tea strainer when out bush!!! eeklol

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before moving on from our morning break a few photos were taken. Even a piece of weather worn grey timber makes an interesting snapshot against the red earth along with some native vegetation for complimentary colour.

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I bet this tree has provided shade for many a kangaroo over the years. The landscape isn't all like this because the scrubby areas can be quite dense with Mulga trees and Salt Bush.

If you haven't done so my now I encourage you to click on each image so that you truly get the atmosphere of the area, which the thumbnails do not really portray.

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Bart said...

Ai how sharp the tree trunk in picture number two is! It adds to the feeling of "being there" in the picture. Great!

Susan Borgas said...

Glad to have you along for the trip Bart ;-)