Monday, 18 June 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part seven"

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In the creek near the Siam Station homestead there are hops flowering. These are not native to Australia and only flower after good rains, which the area did have. As much as these hops are not native to my country they can put on a magical show in the Flinders Ranges although this does not happen very often due to lack of rain.

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Of the two nights on this trip that my brother and his wife and Malcolm and I bush camped, this was our first night. Everybody instinctively found a job to do and it wasn't long before we had our tents up, chairs out and a fire going to cook our evening meal. You can see Malcolm surveying all our handy work or was that the cask of red wine he was looking for! wink

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Our bellies were fed and watered by the time the sun was setting on our first night and it was hands on deck to grab a few snapshots as the sun was disappearing down beyond the horizon.

If you didn't get an update of SnapShots in your RSS Reader yesterday there was a post. I did some extra pinging but to no avail as my copy did not turn up in my own RSS Reader. This is why it is worth subscribing to your own feed if you have a blog so that you are made aware that there maybe a problem. If you did miss out here is a quick link to that post.

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