Thursday, 7 June 2007

MacCullochs Range Rest Area

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As promised in my previous post this entry and the next will be of images from our free camp East of Wilcannia. The first images shows you the BBQ area, play ground for the kids and an eco-toilet plus fresh water for drinking.

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The bushland around us was so relaxing. This Rest Area is also popular for the truckies to pull over for much needed sleep.

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The feral goats are used to human visitors to this area. These guys ignored me until I made a loud enough noise for them to lift their heads instead of every photo of them munching away.

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Talk about popular! It didn't take long for the bird population to come and visit waiting for a handout of crumbs.

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This snapshot of a Butcher bird is one of many birds who paid us a visit. There were also Ringnecks, Magpies and Apostle birds.

Tomorrow I will post the last four snapshots; I hope you will join me.


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Bart said...

What an incredible red earth :-)
I don't think I have seen anything near in real.

The second shot looks perfect.. great picture!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Bart I thought that shot of the tree worked out well.

During that holiday we did see a lot of different countryside with varied coloured earth. The reds are always eye catching.