Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part eight"

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You do need to click on these thumbnails to see some of the lovely colours in the shadows of the morning light.

This first photo was taken as the cold air was hitting me after crawling out of my snug as a bug sleeping bag with a heavy dew covered over our tents. The sun wasn't even out of bed itself but it had the promise of wonderful light to come. In the background I could hear the wakening of birds twittering and snapping of timber for the fire as it was stoked up for our early breakfast.

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With the first rays of the morning light streaking across the landscape it was full on excitement trying to catch that magical moment in time.

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By this time the cold air against my skin was long forgotten while watching the warming light on such a beautiful morning making me wish we could stay a few more days in this area. An artist paradise!

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Katherine said...

These are such wonderul colours Susan - you must be spoilt for choice!

Susan Borgas said...

Yes I did take advantage of that trip with many photos taken. It isn't hard for my memory to pull up a lot of what I saw either; I guess because growing up in the "bush" has imprinted so much of the outback on my mind.