Friday, 8 June 2007

MacCullochs Range Rest Area - Part two

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As the sun was going down this magpie was soaking up the last of of the suns rays on his back wondering what all the fuss is about with the new arrival running around with a camera. See previous post.

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Once the sun was low on the horizon the red soil became redder and bounced back up into the trees.

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There are advantages of towing a caravan and pulling into rest areas like this; communing with nature with food and wine to warm our bellies and feeling at peace with our surroundings and a nice soft bed to sleep in.razz

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Even though we had one more night at Broken Hill before arriving home, Malcolm and I both felt that this lovely spot was the last night of our holiday. So as the sun sets I will say a big thank you for following this journey along with us.

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Jennifer Rose said...

Very nice picture of the magpie. Great colours. *adds to list of things to draw* Thanks :D

Susan Borgas said...

Your very welcome Jennifer. :D