Thursday, 28 June 2007

Whispering Wall - South Australia

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My brother and his wife often talked about Whispering Wall so while waiting for our Patrol to have a snorkel fitted on our recent trip to Adelaide we were given a tour of this fascinating dam not all that far away from Gawler in South Australia.

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What is so fascinating about this dam? Well it is the actual acoustic of sound that bounces off the curved wall. It is rather spooky when I experienced this when my brother and his wife went to one end of the wall and my husband and I the other end. Let me tell you, never talk badly of the other person because they will hear you as if on a loud speaker. Malcolm and I could hear the other party walking to the whispering platform like footsteps in a horror movie. At one point when we started talking to each other in booming voices I did wonder if it was a joke looking around for a speaker to amplify all these sounds we could hear. None to be found and no wonder it is called Whispering Wall because that is all that is needed to hear the other person at the other end; 144 metres away.

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The reflections were quite magical at Whispering Wall and decided to use this snapshot for wallpaper on my computer.

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