Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Siding Spring Observatory, Coonabarabran

Click to steal 418kb image from Siding Spring Observatory

Continuing on with our New South Wales holiday the weather at the time we stayed at Coonabarabran had the feeling of rain in the air and by the time we made our way out to the Siding Spring Observatory it did just that.

Click to steal 420 image from Siding Spring Observatory

The soft rain added a gentle atmospheric depth to the images but must admit I would have liked clear skies for the second snapshot to have the red of the rocks jumping out of the mountains, as I have seen in brochures. Still it was a pleasure to stand in front of these mountains.

Click to steal a 668kb image of Kangaroo

Malcolm and I met this very large kangaroo when walking down from the observatory. He wasn't scared of us but have to admit I was wary of him and those big powerful legs that can kick out because he was in no hurry to move away. I gather from the many visiting tourist to his territory, he is used to seeing them intrude on his patch.biggrin

This holiday is coming to an end now with two more follow up post of our a free camp on the side of the road. That part of the trip was very memorable for both my husband and I, which had my camera happily clicking away........stay tuned for them.razz

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