Friday, 29 June 2007

Mannum & the Murray River

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My post yesterday was about Whispering Wall and todays entry carries on from there because my brother drove us onto Mannum to pass some time that same day with more photos to share with you. The wind was bitterly cold with the sun intermittently shining through breaks in the cloud cover. I have stayed with family and friends at the caravan park in the past that can be seen here amongst the River Red Gums. It is a lovely spot with a lot of history to Mannum and the surrounding area.

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Who are you looking at! There is plenty of bird life at Mannum with this Pelican not bothering to fly away. I was so near that I did wonder how close it would allow me to get. I didn't test this thought out though because I don't know if some Pelicans could be aggressive towards humans and their snapping cameras. It is known for a Pelican to pinch your food off your plate while eating your lunch on the river bank in Mannum. Oh and they don't mind helping themselves to hot steak straight off the barbecue so if you don't have anybody to invite to lunch, just ask a Pelican.wink

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While photographing the Pelican numerous ducks decided to get in on the act as well and this is one of them. I reckon they thought I had food for them but oh dear, they were out of luck!

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