Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Gawler Ranges Trip, South Australia "part eleven"

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I don't know what this area is called with the sand dunes but it was a pleasant surprise when my eyes set upon them.

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The light once in awhile did streak across the dunes in patches although fleetingly.

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This image will give you a bit more perspective of the area. As you can see my brothers patrol is laden with all our camping gear, food and water for our two nights on the road. When traveling 'out bush' it is an idiot that would not take extra food and water in case there are circumstances where we are unable to return to civilization in a time frame that we ourselves had planned. Survival in the bush means taking extra supplies or you may perish and this also means making sure family and friends know when to expect you home and if that time frame passes they then can alert the authorities, so that a search can be put into action.

There will be more snapshots of this trip later in the week. Tomorrow I will post something different from photos that were taken last Monday. Until then, happy snapping!

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